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I’m a comedian. I’m a writer. I’m a social media marketing consultant. I do a lot of things and I say a lot of things. I believe that you can sleep when you’re dead… but I prefer to sleep until roughly 10 am

All in all, I set up this blog to share the very dazzling panarama I collected on Flickr. All the pictures posted here have the right reserved by original author. If you have no idea of how to shoot and stitch a panorama, please follow the steps I recommend.

1.Take continuously images  of a scenery, like 4,5 or even more.
2.Leave 20-30% overlaps between images. It’s easier to stitch if there are similar parts between pictures. And that’s the key of stitching panorams.
3.Add your images to AcroPano Photo Stitcher
4.Stitch, save and publish your panoramas

For digital cameras, I recommend Cannon and Nikon. So, pick up your cameras and enjoy stitching panoramas!

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